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How many people can travel in the vehicle?

Each Vehicle can accommodate 2 people, one sits in the sidecar and the other sits behind the driver, with the possibility to swap seats during stops.
It is important our guests are aware that a booking for 2 people takes place with 1 vehicle.

What makes Vespa Sidecar unique?

It is custom built, one of a kind. Because no other sidecar is built with the latest Vespa GT300.

Safe and Fun, also relaxing we may say. When do your ever get to sit back and relax as if you were in a car but with the sparkle of being open air?

Modern and in compliance with all safety standards.

Is it safe?


Approved by the Italian law, it has all the requirements and complies with European regulations.

We travel at a moderate speed, the ideal to enjoy your guided tour: maximum 25 mph.

Also, although it wasn’t necessary by law, we equipped with a 4 point Safety Harness our sidecar seats.

How far in advance should I book my tour?

The sooner the better!

For last minute tours, if there is availability, our booking system accepts reservations by 6pm on the day prior to tour departure.

Can I cancel my reservation?

It’ll make us a bit sad, but yes, of course.

You can cancel up to 48 hours before the tour and you’ll receive a full refund, minus PayPal fees.

For all conditions and refunds please see  Terms & Conditions.

Can I drive the sidecar?

Nope. Sorry for that. Driving the sidecar implies great responsibility. The vehicle is driven by agency’s employees only, who are tested drivers by the way. No improvising.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to ride on the Vespa Sidecar?

Above the minimum age of 5, Vespa Sidecar is awesome for all curious travelers!

Can I bring my pet with me?

Yes, we are proudly pet friendly.

If it’s small size it can be kept in its own dog carrier in the  sidecar with its beloved buddy. (We suggest you previously indicate the size of the dog carrier so we can see if it fits well.)

If it’s medium-large, it sits in the sidecar as a passenger itself. (with the appropriate seatbelts, we have available). So you will have to count him/she as a participant when booking.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Absolutely yes.  During all times when riding. No exceptions. Don’t hate us for that, we have your safety at heart.

Can I bring my own helmet on tour?

We appreciate your willpower but no, sorry.

We are pleased to say our helmets our CE homologated. And each participant will have their own disposable head cover for a perfect hygiene.

What about bad weather?

If it is rainy, exceptionally, because Rome offers great weather conditions throughout practically the whole year; we will do our best in finding another tour departure date/time. If this is not possible, you get a total refund (minus bank expenses).

If it starts drizzling during the tour, we continue. ( No worries, we are equipped with rainproof material). Of course, in complete safety.

How many people can take the tour?

From 2 to 11.

We use till 6 bikes, each of those are driven by our employee and carry 2 guests. One person sits on the back of the saddle, the other in the sidecar. You can take turns, on our stops during your guided itinerary.

Does Vespa Sidecar offer other services?

Vespa Sidecar Tour Rome is one of our  agency “La Guida Rossa”’s  proposals.

If you desire visiting Rome in other original or classic ways, please write us

What should I wear?

It is not necessary that you dress specifically for this tour. Although, we suggest you wear comfortable clothes. And definitely bring a Jacket, a pair of Sunglasses and a charged camera!

Are there any physical restrictions to go on the bike or sidecar?

The sidecar carries up to 220 pounds (100 kg) and maximum height is 1,90 meters.

In case of any type of disability we please ask for the person to be accompanied. If you could kindly also notice us in advance, we’ll be thankful for it.

Can I bring food & beverages on tour?

Our morning tours include a breakfast offered by us at the well known “Di Rienzo” right in front of the Pantheon.

Afternoon tours include an ice-cream, or better “Gelato” stop.

So, we appreciate you carry just a beverage if you really wish during your tour, otherwise it might get a bit messy!